why do i have warts but my boyfriend doesn’t? full starts for best answer.?

Lisa Asked: why do i have warts but my boyfriend doesn’t? full starts for best answer.?

i have a doctors appointment thursday but i was hoping i could get some help.

i've only been with one man sexually my whole life.after about a year together i noticed some bumps inside my vagina, they were diagnosed as warts.the doctor told me not to worry, that they go away with my treatment and once i've had no more for 2 years i'm considered cured of the hpv virus.i know my boyfriend couldn't have been tested for hpv, which really sucks lol…

my questions are however…

1; why do i have warts and he does not?
2: when these go away do we need to use condoms for sex? how can we have safe sex?
3: can we keep re infecting eachother?
4: is oral sex also risky?

we've both been tested for everything else by means of urine, examination, and blood, so we know we're clean besides this hpv virus. (which im told everyone will most likely experience at least once in their life which is comforting…)

ijust miss being intimate with him and really need to know these answers.

thanks so much



check his anus. That is where warts hide.

cowboydoc Answered:
He may not have contracted them yet. But your right, you could pass these back and forth so he should be treated.

1. Because not everyone has the same reaction the the virus, and he's probably had it quite a bit longer than you, so his immune system has had more time to get the upper hand.
2. You can't re-infect each other.In terms of HPV, you're both infected, your bodies' immune systems are working on it, and it doesn't matter whether you use condoms or no.
3. No, once you have the virus, you gradually become immune to it as your body mops up the infection.
4. Not really, since you're both already infected.There are many, many strains of HPV.HPV 16 is associated with oral cancer, but if you have visible warts, it's most likely you have HPV 6 or 11.

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