What would cause all non-genital warts on my body to suddenly disappear?

ClickyElixir Asked: What would cause all non-genital warts on my body to suddenly disappear?

I used to have a fair collection of warts on both my feet, the edge of one of my fingers, and another on the knuckle of my pinkie finger.Three days ago I realized that ALL of those warts had disappeared within a month of each other.The smaller ones just faded into nothingness, but the bigger ones left huge indents in my skin. There's a crevice on the edge of one heel where a large wart USED to be about three and a half weeks ago.

Not only this, but the genital warts I discovered about the same time ago are getting worse and worse and worse all the time.Almost daily now I discover new ones and/or bigger ones.There's too many for me to treat on my own with the prescription treatment (.5% Podofilox) a walk-in clinic doctor suggested when he realized that liquid nitrogen would take forever and be too painful.

From what I understand, HPV related genital warts don't do things like this.They don't multiply this quickly, and they don't suck the warts out of the rest of my body.What is going on and what would be a better course of action? and does my near-constant minor yeast infection have anything to do with it?


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