Helix (cartilage) piercing infection HELP!?

xfashionplate Asked: Helix (cartilage) piercing infection HELP!?

I got my helix pierced back in February, with a needle, and I never had any serious issues during the majority of the healing time (other than the dreaded "bump" which went away after a week of sea-salt soaks). In June, I felt my piercing was healed enough for me to change the earring, so I did so. Since then, my ear was nothing but problems. The "bump" came back on both sides of my ear right on the earring hole, my ear was constantly red, and occasionally leaked yellow discharge. After giving up on the sea salt soaks, I went to my doctor in mid-July and I was prescribed Bactroban to dip the post of the earring in 3x a day for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, this didn't help. I went back to my sea salt soaks with no success on the healing efforts. Just last night I noticed 3 small lumps on the rim of my ear, not painful but almost similar to warts. I went directly to the doctor today and I was told that I must take the piercing out right away, as it was definitely infected and those lumps were the beginnings cellulitis (which could lead to keloids without treatment). The doctor prescribed me cephalexin 3x a day for 7 days. I addressed my concern about removing the piercing – the possibility of "trapping the infection" – she informed me that the only way to treat a foreign body is to remove the foreign body. She also mentioned something about possible scarring even after treatment?

– My questions are:
– should I get another opinion as to if the earring should be taken out (it is out right now, but likely could be put back in if not held off too long) ?
– should this treatment clear up all the signs of infection on my ear?
– how likely is scarring after treatment?


Crystal Answered:
I had mine pierced 2 years ago, and it got infected, so i took it out and left it out for a couple of days, and it healed up, i had no more pain and could sleep on my left side again, and mine didn't scar. so good luck with what you want to do.

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